I love you because you can’t kill me

This too shall pass. I’ve said that more times then most people will in their entire lives in the last 24 months. I used to feel like I was on the bottom of a very short but very heavy support tower, nowadays I feel like I’m in the closer to the top with a load that’s just as heavy, but a ton of people below me that if they weren’t there, there’s no way I could carry this. Good things that have come com the crap that is going on? Well, first and most important, I do not tolerate things that stress me out for very long at all… Usually I make a decision on whether or not I need to deal with them (most of the time the answer is no) and I dump it and move on. It has put an entire new numbering order to the things I find important now. The way things were, I used to fill my time (and the time that wasn’t mine) with horrible, unhealthy things. Now, I struggle with the guilt, because time is suddenly shorter, and much, much more valuable. An hour, a precious single hour can mean so much and I can accomplish amazing things that before it would take days. There are no more rose colored glasses, just very clear ones, or the very bright color of reality. Everyday, because there are still quite a few people that are relying on me, I have to look for those things that make today and everyday worth waking up and doing what needs to be done. Find the laughter in the smallest things, comfort in the fuzzy ones and protection in the hugs and snuggles. image

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