I love you for the second day

Second day after the shot.

12:12 am I can’t sleep and I’m starting to wonder what was in the syringe…

4:32 am at some point I fell asleep, because now I am awake again. My face is freezing, I’m shivering. Maybe this is the end.

4:34 am I remember I didn’t turn on the heater last night and the house is 54 degrees. It is not the end

5:36 am My farts smell like I’ve eaten nothing but eggs for 3 days. Everything is heavy, especially my face

7:02 am I wake up, everything hurts especially where the nurse hit me. I take advil and go back to sleep

9:22 am I am awake and going to attempt to eat something. My burps smell like flinstone’s vitamins.

10:57 am I am exhausted. My eyes are heavy, I’m freezing and whatever I ate is not happy and threatening to come back up. I am full on hiding in my blanket for at this point and one of the kids has delivered a cup to throw up in.

2:01 pm I just woke up. The bed is soaked. I verify I did not in fact wet the bed… I guess that’s what happens when you have a fever and it works itself out. At this point I think I’m overdosing on Advil. What ever the max limit is, I believe I have exceeded it.

3:13 pm I am questioning why I didn’t take the drugs when offered yesterday. Everything is achy and feels like it doesn’t want to work right

4:04 pm I order a large sandwich from JJ to deliver because when I feel bad, I eat

5:07 pm This feels oddly close to what it feels like when you are withdrawing from several different drugs. Chest is heavy and deep breaths hurt. I did shower and change the sheets so I wasn’t laying in a puddle.

Today has been rough, trying to find a comfortable position to lay in and everything hurts. I think it means I’m not going to die though and that it’s doing what it’s supposed to. I am learning to trust my farts again and have a can of air freshener next to me so I don’t kill anyone. More to come.

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