I love you because you made me study…

Here I am at the end of week one.And as with all things you have to learn, there will of course, be a test. Why is it they put tests at the end of an emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically period of time? I personally believe it should be at the beginning, then spend the rest of the allotted time reviewing what you didn’t get right on the test. Then you come into your weekend not completely trashed, looking to get trashed.

This is a test I’ve taken before, and failed. This time though, I’ve been studying harder than ever, making sure I’ve accounted for every single variable. I will eat right, sleep well, and remain focused on obtaining the highest grade possible. If I pass, I will be tested often, but decrease in difficulty while increasing the reward upon passing. Sounds like an amazing deal? Passing these tests will enable me to accomplish things I otherwise will not have the opportunity.

Thank you to N, B, M, D, and everyone else that has helped me study. Whether you stayed up all night with me, quizzed me constantly, made quiet time possible, or wiped my tears when I felt like I was trying to overcome something impossible, you are an irreplaceable, priceless, perfect part of my life, and I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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