I love you because you’re old…

As I get older I begin to realize… well… that I’m getting older. I also am figuring out things that I wish I knew when I was younger and could have told myself 20 years ago…

The person you see in the mirror isn’t someone you will recognize some days… that’s just weird, but also kind of cool… you get to change bodies and faces every 10 years or so.
Sleep has again, become the most important thing.
That you have far underestimated my worth in certain areas, but that it’s not too late to change that.
That it’s ok to just now know what you want to be when you grow up and you’re never too old to start a career.
Dry skin gets so much worse.
No one cries pretty, unless you’re faking it, in which case, you’re not old enough for the rest of the list to make sense to you yet.
It is completely possible to be lonely in a house full of people.
No matter how much time you have with your mom, it’s never going to be enough.
That you am more than just a vagina, and you don’t have to resort to just that for attention.
That people will make time for the things they want to, if you keep getting blown off, you’re not one of those things, move on.
Someone that tells you they’ve been too busy to call, for weeks, or respond to messages… isn’t interested, move on.
Someone that calls only to have sex, isn’t interested in you, just an easy conquest, move on.
Matching socks are overrated
Your children will watch every single thing you do, you are shaping them to be exactly like you, so carefully choose your actions.
Be the type of woman you want your sons to marry and the type of woman you wants your daughters to be like, because they will
Take risks and adventures, don’t wait… why would you? Things start falling apart, get more hectic and time moves faster when you get older… enjoy it while you’re young enough to.
The more you know about yourself, the more you will feel alone. But it’s a good alone, because you’re finally ok with just you.
It’s ok to have gray hair, you’ve earned it.
Some of the best things in life include watching your kids grow and figure it out.
It’s ok not to settle, for anything, the best will happen if you just wait for it.
You only need one good friend.
Gravity is real… and unforgiving.
Be silly, as often as possible.. it will create a laugh inside you that pops out at the best… and worst times.
Listen when people tell you your beautiful, they’re being genuine.
Sometimes you choose to do things that you know are painful, and then you ugly cry alone, because you knew better, but you still did it.
Being an adult is something no one ever reaches expert level at, and that’s ok.
Love yourself, exactly for the person you are becoming and the person you were… they’re both incredible people that deserve more than you tend to give them.

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