Quarantine day 42.c

I think I’m more on top of it today than other days. I know trash is tomorrow because one of the kids came in and emptied all the bins in my room earlier. I will have to verify with the calendar on the fridge, but I think trash picks up Tuesdays. I realize my sense of security is false. I’m learning to live in denial. It’s nice.

I have learned a lot in the last few days. For example, I learned that when I chew gum I make small bubbles inside my mouth and pop them. Complete news to me. I discovered this when one of the people sitting next to me told me in their outside voice before they walked forcefully to their room. I’ve also learned that rock, paper, scissors will solve ALL the problems. If it doesn’t we do best two-out-of-three. I learned no one is too big for a fort.

So, today while I was hanging out in my fort, working, with netflix playing in the background I was absent-mindedly twirling my fingers. I think I am too close to mother earth now when I realized I was twirling my leg hairs. On the upside, I also discovered I do not in fact, (despite my best efforts) have cankles. And on top of them I got to remember how to shave again. Side note, new razors will scrape you to your soul if you aren’t careful.

I have learned that I have never been more grateful to delivery drivers in my life. I learned I go through a lot of PJs and socks for someone that doesn’t leave the house. Also, did you know when you don’t wear shoes for a long time that your foot widens? Yeah, me neither.

I have learned it’s way harder to ignore your bosses 9pm emails when you’ve lost track of time and are still in the same spot in your fort that you were at 9am, watching the same show you’ve been binging for the last 12 hours straight. I learned that when we talk loudly at dinner and give each other crap, it’s good for everyone to get some things out. I’ve also learned this time is stressful enough to take my most easy going kid and push him to his limits.

While you are learning about the people you are privileged to be on your own personal reality show with, remember this opportunity will probably never happen again. Take advantage of it. Oh.. and go outside at 8pm and howl.

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