Quarantine day 73-b

This week was one that topped the last year of quarantine. Time is blurring together, some things I’m recalling may have happened this week or last year… we don’t know anymore – disregard my inconsistencies with time, it has no meaning anymore. My washing machine yelled at me today and told me I needed to clean it. I didn’t know that was a thing. But with all my spare time, I was able to research.. and yes, it is in fact a thing to clean your machines that do your washing. Both dishes and clothes. I’m shook (as my kids would say… or is it woke?)

This week, we are beginning to discover who is handling the isolation well and who is not. There may have been a massive screaming fight that made it’s way out to the street… I’m sure we won’t be the first house. I know our mental battle is different than those that are in their homes alone. I have to remind myself that I am blessed to have people here with me, even if they can’t stand the site of my face, or the way I breathe, or how I walk up the stairs.

I have sent some of the kids outside earlier in the week to do the yard work. While they were out there pulling weeds, someone walked by and made a comment “you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you”. I don’t know why, but it hurt my feelings. So if you ask me how my week is going, my emotional status is “hurt by random person’s opinion of my front yard”. Let me tell you, it’s a fun place to be. We fixed the yard and a different person walked by and said “you have the best landscaping in the whole neighborhood”. I’m thinking of printing her quote out on a 6’x18′ banner and nailing it across the garage.

I think I was depressed in the beginning of the week because yesterday I started getting packages of things I’ve ordered, but then completely forgot about. Today I got a pair of earnings and 2 power strips. Yesterday was a mouse pad with a picture of an elephant wearing headphones. Clearly, I have my priorities.

I had forgotten that when I have time, and energy… I actually like to cook. More than that, I like to make things up and see how different things taste that you wouldn’t normally put together. The kids look at me like I’ve lost my mind. I might have. I do know they are not enjoying that I’m home to tell them once maybe twice a day to do a chore. It’s an adjustment.

We are learning to slow down. A lot. I can hear the neighbors band playing in their garage. It makes for the background on a very quiet neighborhood. The governor announced an extension the other day to our quarantine for at least another 10 days. While everyone is trying to stay separate, I’ve noticed the friendliness among strangers is increasing. I am waving at everyone, when I’m driving, or when I’m walking. The neighbors are all out howling at 8pm every night. Regardless of the isolation we may be feeling, the waving is a reminder that everyone else is going through the exact same thing.

Hanging in there for another week. one day at a time.

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