Quarantine day 7,001

I live in a state that has decided to open this week. I have chosen the best use of my abilities is to continue wearing pants with elastic and t-shirts with holes on the collar. People are treating yesterday like a day that because the government said we were safe to go outside, we are safe. I’m going to wait it out for another week or so and see what happens to all the people that are licking doorknobs this week. If they are OK in a week or so, I might venture out.

People ask all the time how things are going. Here’s the honest answer…

I’m worried that the anxiety from being home will turn me into an agoraphobic.

I’m falling in deep like with someone over text. That alone concerns me, is it the quarantine that is making any attention, good attention? Or is this really it?

I’m trying a no sugar, no bread, no dairy diet. Today, I ate all three, several times… it’s going well.

I gave up Zebra Cakes. No one over 35 has the digestive power to conquer them.

I definitely chew too loudly as I am reminded daily.

I have begun to google everything that could fix even a minor inconvenience. Today I googled how much a sugar glider is. I’m not sure I can explain what minor inconvenience that will fix, but use your imaginations.

I find myself screaming at the television when the characters are being stupid. I think I am actually finally getting somewhere in my friendships with those nice people on Warehouse 13.

It has become glaringly obvious that I do NOT drink enough water.

ANYTHING can be delivered. Anything.

Matching socks are optional (who are we kidding… they’ve never been mandatory).

I am not good at zoom conference angles. Not good at all. I may never take a selfie again.

Donuts are a valid lunch. Three days in a row. As long as they are different flavors.

There are emotional roller coasters, but when you reach out to a friend on your low.. either they can help because they are not on a low.. or you can both be on a low together and cry. Either one is OK. Hanging in there, for myself, my employees, my friends and my family is the only real job I have.

I got this.

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